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Who is petRock?

Casey Torrey is out front, energetic with strong female vocals.  Lee Taylor set the stage on fire with his energetic guitar. Tammy Gibson is our Queen of the keys.  Greg Murdoch keeps it low on bass with Mikey B keeping the beat on the drums.  Together they bring a high energy, entertaining show that has the crowd asking for more 


Where can you find us?

 petRock, if we can get you to dance, if we can get you to sing along, then everyone has a good time.  From  large Festivals, to Concert venues, to your local bar,  you can find petRock in Chicago and the suburbs and in lower Wisconsin.  See how much fun we have?  Why not join along.  


The music has to ROCK!!

From the 70s to today if it rocks, it's fair game! 

Styx-Journey-Jet-Free-Queen-Pet Benatar-The Calsh-Areosmith-U2-Billie Joel-Allanis Morisette-Eurythmics-Guns and Roses-White Stripes-The Pretenders-Led Zepplin-Blonde-David Bowie-Cheap Trick-Prince-Bon Jovi- OK Go-Foriegner-The Kinks-Joan Jet and the Blackhearts-The Sweet-Violent Femmes  and more


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Just a few songs. . .

Ballroom Blitz taking over

Nope. . We wouldn't dare

Well should we?

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